Medical guidelines

Medical certificates

In the wake of court ruling 12.2015 there is no need for medical certification; rather, the participant’s signature on a medical declaration in the registration process.
However, if a participant has answered one of the medical questions in the registration form in the affirmative, he must provide a medical certificate.
Medical certificates are to be uploaded to the registration site on website / mobile device.
Participants who fail to provide medical certificates up to 48 hours before the event, will not be able to receive a participant kit at their distribution time, and therefore will not be able to participate in the run. A participant kit will be given only after submitting the medical certificate, and the participant shall not have any claim with regard to the producer’s refusal to provide him with the participant kit and permit him to take part in the race.

Health and safety

It is common knowledge that participants in a marathon or shorter race must be in sound medical condition and physically fit.
It is well-known that despite all the preparations, some runners may fall into distress during the run; hence, we request your attention and commitment to the instructions given for your protection and benefit.

The instructions given here are not a substitute for a controlled training program, under proper supervision, lead by an authorized trainer, as well as sports and health professionals.

1. It is recommended to be checked by your family doctor before commencement of training. The checkup should include a periodic physical fitness (ergometric) test.
2. In the event of injury or illness, every “lost” day requires at least two days of training for recovery and returning to the previous level and pace of training. If during the days prior to the race you suffered from an illness accompanied by fever or stomach disorder or diarrhea, do not participate in the race! Consult your doctor and trainer with regard to timing your return to training plan.
3. Read and study the issue of heat stroke prevention, and get accustomed to drinking a lot.
4. Give thought to proper nutrition, sleep and preparations for the race. . In the race itself, drinking and nourishment stations are distributed over the route. Use them by quenching your thirst and taking an energy supplement and move on; do not skip any station.
5. Prepare your running gear; make sure it fits comfortably and is suitable for a long run.
6. Make sure to wear a cap; sunglasses are recommended as well.

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