Registration Ends on 3.9.2017

Thursday 7.9 – Friday 8.9

8pm-11pm Collecting running kits at the Zim Center at the entrance to Arad (Hwy 31).

* 11k Runners are required to reach the village of Nokdim. The road will be closed at 12:30am.

11pm-01am Transportation from Zim Center to the Moab Lookout Point.

11:30pm-02am Gathering at Moab Lookout Point.

23:30 Transportation for 21.1K runners to Moab Lookout Point.

23:30 Transportation for the 11k runners to the starting point in Nokdim village

23:30 Transportation for families and escorts to the end point at Massada.

00:30am The closure of the road towards Masada.

02:00am Starting point of 21.1 km runners

02:20am Starting point of 11 km runners

03:45am-06:00am – Expo and Sunrise Party with Yarden Kleiman

04:50am Medal award ceremony

05:15am-06:00am Free climb up Masada

05:30am and onward – Transportation back to the Nokdim Village and to Arad 

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